NAPRESS.NET Site under construction

Site is under construction due to changes inn our work


Due to great change inn structur of focuse, we have to maintain a shift. Our goal focus will be pressrelated issues conserning children, childrensrights and humanitarian rights. We openly support a community where the press and media can assist NGO's working with humanrights and the following humanitarian crisis that strikes all across the world.

We specially focuse on those NGO's that are trying new approaches, and those we know is trustworthy. Such as Plan International. Save The Children, Norwegian Refugee Council, NORAD, United Nation's different organziations such as UNHCR-UNICEF-WFP-UNWOMAN Oxyfam, Redcross International, Red Cresent International etc.


Who are we?

We are a groupe of journalists who have taken some deep serious time thinking what media and press should be all about. And as we respect all other branches of media, we have desided to spend our time to focus on humanity, humanitarian workers, NGOs, and the right to light up the situation for people who want to know more about the situation other than what mainstream media can put inn during 2 minutes.

Situations like inndepth on Syria, CAR, South Sudan, etc etc.



We will not put up a logo here yet, as we consider to change our logo as soon as possible to a higher quality logo.




A small notice we would like to clearify. We may not always be political correct. We don't fancy dictatorships, and we don't dress inn penguindresses! That has to be said, Norway falls inn under a certain cathegory of "from dust to dust". Don't think your anybody, unless you have 30 phd's and still goes to school at age of 60+. So we will try our hardest to battle Norwegian oldfashion instinct of being rich dumb and lone, and focuse on all the thousands of Norwegian and International people who kick their couch, and travel to some "shithole" to make hope! To find hope! To establish security and hope, because they all do the same. They believe inn humanity!

So do we at NAPRESS, and we have seen the best inn people, and the worst.

Even though we are a small organization at this time, a small newsprovider, we will make sure you will remeber us. And when you as a politician or a leading NGO once become intervjued by numberous of journalist, we hope you will remember NAPRESS, and answere a few questions to our journalists aswell as AP, CNN and BBC.